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Explore fascinating subjects through playing video games, on your phone or computer

Discover how video games can help you understand the complex world around us. Our games tackle subjects from quantum physics to urban planning, from global warming to the WWI history.

Episodic format

Got 5 minutes? Play a game on a coffee break or while waiting for the bus

Released regularly

A new game every month, building on the last or going in a new direction

Discover Play Curious in less than a minute

Play Curious is supported by UPVD INCUBE, the startup incubator for the University of Perpignan, in southern France.

Our Team

Jean-Christophe Letraublon (Artistic Director)

JC is our creative director and animator.

He has worked in marketing and publicity for more than 15 years. He has created a number of unique user experiences through web projects and mobile apps.

At Play Curious, he is supervising the visual design, the animation, and the publicity around the project.

Jesse Himmelstein (CEO)

Jesse is a programmer and game designer.

He has more than 10 years experience in programming and game design. He founded the CRI Game Lab with which he launched and coordinated a number of European research projects around games for learning and social change.

At Play Curious, he is supervising the development, game design, and partnerships.

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