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We had a great time organizing the game jam, and were impressed by the projects that people were able to finish in a such a short time. Bravo to all the participants!

You can now play the games made during the jam on

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We're glad to see that you're interested in the Perpignan Game Jam. Unfortunately, we have reached our quota for the number of people we can welcome for this event, and we can no longer take on new sign ups.

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Perpignan Game Jam

Play Curious, Malette Escape and UPVD IN CUBE are organizing the Perpignan Game Jam: 48h to create a game! Whether you are a pro or an amateur: come use your skills as a developer, game designer, graphic artist, sound designer, illustrator, musician, animator, or video maker!

What's a game jam, already?

The term "game jam" comes from the the tradition of a "jam session" in music, where musicians improvise together to come up with new songs and new sounds.

A game jam is like a hackathon, where a bunch of people come together to create a game very quickly, usually over a weekend.

Usually, a theme is given right before the jam starts as a source of inspiration. Sometimes there is a prize for the "best games", but for most people the point of a game jam is the opportunity to meet others, flex your skills, learn new ones, and explore new ideas.

Image by Jason Krüger — Wikimedia Deutschland e.V.

Why do a game jam?

If you have already taken on a game project, you know how long, painful, and discouraging it can be. A game jam is a great way to surpass these limits by fixing such a limited time that you have to get straight to the point. Also, you can try new ideas, new technologies, and new ways of doing things...

Furthermore, it's a great way to meet other people who are into game development, and start new collaborations!


As far as we know, this is the first game jam organized in Perpignan. But surely not the last!

Who can participate?

The event is open for all people 18 and over, whether this is your first experience or if you are a lead developer at Ubisoft.

Anyone is willing to come. Since you are making real video games, not just coming up with ideas, it's important to have some experience in programming, graphics, music, animation, writing, and anything else that you can put to use.

That said, if you don't have these practical skills, you can still make board games!

You can recruit your team ahead of time and come with them. Otherwise, you can form teams with others who are looking for your skills or who are into your ideas.

How much does it cost?

It's completely free!

The organisers

The Perpignan Game Jam is co-organized by UPVD INCUBE, Play Curious and Malette Escape.


The startup incubator at the University of Perpignan


Explore fascinating subjects through playing video games, completely free on your phone or computer

Project founded by Jean-Christophe Letraublon and Jesse Himmelstein


Creating a series of team-building activities for companies around escape games

Project founded by Matthieu Gusse and Julien Clermont

The place: UPVD INCUBE

UPVD INCUBE, the startup incubator at the University of Perpignan. A unique space entirely dedicated to fostering entrepreneurial innovation at the heart of the Pyrénées-Orientales

A beautiful building with lots of space for hosting a game jam! (Plus a ping-ping and a foosball table).


Friday November 9
18:00 Opening
Welcoming participants with cocktail dinner
19:00-20:00 Welcoming talk
Introduction by Play Curious
Presentation of the theme, the prizes, the jury members
How to make your game jam a success
20:00-21:00 Brainstorming alone or in groups (20 min)
Then pitch session:
Anyone can pitch an idea, but each pitch has to be under a minute.
Each person pitching says what skills they are looking for in their team
21:00-22:00 Team building
The organizers will help people form teams so that everyone takes part.
22:00 Start making games!
Saturday November 10
14:00-18:00 Check up
The organizers will check up on each team, help resolve problems
Sunday November 11
14:00 Demo time!
16:00-16:30 Jury deliberation
16:30 Prize giving
16:30 Buffet
18:30 Closing

Practical info

We're looking for 50-60 participants. You can sign from September 20 to November 6 at midnight.

A team of 4-6 people will be on site to manage and organize the event over the weekend. The incubator will be open nonstop from Friday to Sunday night.

Outside of the buffet offered at the opening and closing of the event, each person should organize themselves as see fit for working, eating, and resting.

We are organizing drinks and snacks as well.


Feel free to contact us with any questions

You can write us at

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Join the Curious Club

As part of the Curious Club mailing list, you’ll get the full story behind the making of our games, be the first to find out about new games we’re working on, get to give your feedback and even shape the direction we take in the future!

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