Perpignan Game Jam 2019

Game jam, interactive conference, and chiptune concert- all in one intense weekend!

Come join the fun at the Perpignan Game Jam 2019!

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+++ Update: BassMe joins the fun! +++

BassMe, young startup from Perpignan, is revolutionizing the world of digital entertainment with the first portable personal subwoofer. BassMe is providing their equipment for participants to use duing the jam.

In addition, the best game in sound design will have the chance to win their own BassMe!

+++ Update: The Jury +++

We're proud to announce our jury for this year's event:

Marie Legrand is a game developer and designer at NaturelPad and cofounder of Mad Pumpkins Game Studio. President of Push Start and active member of Women in Games, she plays a strong role in encouraging the development of the video game industry in the Occitanie region. She is a huge fan of game jams (and coffee), and is fascinated by every aspect of game development and creativity.
Yannick Elahee (Tavrox) specializes in marketing, producing, and developing video games. He put out "Lavapools" in 2016, and is now working part-time at Goblinz Studio. He spends the rest of his time working on a new rogue-like card game project called Inside My Mind.
Oscar Sahun is Programme Manager and mentor at GameBCN. He started as an Industrial Engineer with substantial experience in project management. He earned a Master’s in Game Design and Development from UPC (Technical University of Catalonia). He worked as a freelance game designer and 3D artist before co-founding Blowing Minds, an indie game studio based in Barcelona, where he had roles as both game designer and producer.

Perpignan Game Jam 2019

Play Curious, NTWU and UPVD INCUBE are proud to announce the 2nd edition of the Perpignan Game Jam.

This year, we're raising the bar, with an interactive conference/game to open the weekend and a chiptune concert to finish with a bang.

In addition, the winner will have the possibility to further develop their game project in a startup incubator!

Games? Jams? What is this strange thing of which you speak?

The term "game jam" comes from the the tradition of a "jam session" in music, where musicians improvise together to come up with new songs and new sounds.

A game jam is like a hackathon, where a bunch of people come together to create a game very quickly, usually over a weekend.

Usually, a theme is given right before the jam starts as a source of inspiration. Sometimes there is a prize for the "best games", but for most people the point of a game jam is the opportunity to meet others, flex your skills, learn new ones, and explore new ideas.

Who can participate?

The event is open for all people 18 and over, whether this is your first experience or if you are a lead developer at a AAA studio.

Anyone is willing to come. Since you are making real video games, not just coming up with ideas, it's important to have some experience in programming, graphics, music, animation, writing, or anything else that you can put to use.

You can recruit your team ahead of time and come with them. Otherwise, you can form teams with others who are looking for your skills or who are into your ideas.

Minors can also participate, but they will need their legal guardians to first sign a disclaimer. Please contact us directly in this case.

Game/conference with Random Bazaar

We're kicking off the event with a conference/game from Random Bazar. In Animals and Video Games, the public chooses their own path, actively participating in the conference as they navigate a mystical universe.

This conferece/game includes games that present "non-humanized" animals, without Donkey Kong or Sonic. They analyze and explore these games by linking them in a symbolic, cultural, and artistic history. Animals and Video Games transports gamers into an esoteric adventure... with a twist!

Chiptune concert with Please Lose Battle and soundasleep

Sunday night, we'll enjoy a chiptune concert, also called chip music or 8-bit music with two artists.

Please Lose Battle (Clermont-Ferrand) sets itself apart by an explosive mixture of chiptune, power pop and mathcore. It's an efficient recipe cooked up six-handedly: electronic and pop tunes composed on a Nintendo NES, raging bass and drums, a kaleidoscopic video stage design. The project: to bridge the gap between digital machines and manned instruments, with the help of Monitor, our violently emotional computer and front-man. The achievements those last 4 years: 3 EPs, 40 dates in Europe and USA, an infinity of screens.

The lastest EP from PLB is published by Cheapbeats, a micro-label based in Japan. Please Lose Battle shared the stage with Pryapisme, Mars Red Sky, Danimal Cannon, Seal Of Quality, Sec, Sabrepulse, HarleyLikesMusic, Comptroller, Kania Tieffer, Betunizer, Bravo Brian, NordLoef, Pain Perdu, Jellica, 2XAA, DJ Pie, Krvkt, Cyanide Dansen, Gagoug, Le Barjack (DJ set)...

soundalseep (Béziers) makes chiptune on GameBoy and 3DS.

How much does it cost?

This year, we're asking for 15€ per ticket to help pay for the event.

The ticket price include participating in the game jam, a t-shirt, the conference/game, the closing concert, as well as food over the weekend.

The place: UPVD IN CUBE

UPVD IN CUBE, the startup incubator at the University of Perpignan. A unique space entirely dedicated to fostering entrepreneurial innovation at the heart of the Pyrénées-Orientales

A beautiful building with lots of space for hosting a game jam! (Plus a ping-ping and a foosball table). The space is big enough for teams to spread out into different areas: a large hall, a co-working room, meeting rooms, and even outside terraces.


Friday November 8
17h Doors open
18h-18h30 Welcome
Introduction by the organizers
18h30-20h Conference/game
Animals and Video Games by Random Bazaar
20h-22h Team creation
Brainstorming, pitch session, speed dating...
The organizers will help everyone find their team
22h Let the jam begin!
Saturday November 9
24h/24 Work work work work...
Everyone works on their game
12h-14h Encounters
Oscar Sahun will present the video game startup incubator Game BCN and the studio Baby Robot Games will show their new game Atlas’Fate
Sunday November 10
15h Project stop
Put down those keyboards!
16h-18h Demo time
5 min to show your game to everyone
18h-19h Concert-buffet, part 1 / jury deliberation / public vote
While the jury is busy deliberating, the public can enjoy the concert and the buffet and vote for their favorite project
19h-19h30 Prize ceremony
19h30-22h Concert-buffet, part 2
22h Closing time

Practical info

We're looking for 70 participants maximum.

A team will be on site to manage and organize the event over the weekend.
The incubator will be open nonstop from Friday to Sunday night. During the night, a security guard will be at the door to let people in and out.

Outside of the key moments at the the opening and closing of the event, participants can organize themselves as see fit for working, eating, resting, or even... going outside? 😱


The Perpignan Game Jam is co-organized by UPVD INCUBE, Play Curious and NTWU.


The startup incubator at the University of Perpignan


Explore fascinating subjects through playing video games, on your phone or computer

Project founded by Jean-Christophe Letraublon and Jesse Himmelstein


Specialists in organizing events around e-sports.


Thanks to the support our our partners:


Feel free to contact us with any questions

You can write us at

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As part of the Curious Club mailing list, you’ll get the full story behind the making of our games, be the first to find out about new games we’re working on, get to give your feedback and even shape the direction we take in the future!

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