Develop curiosity and knowledge through video games

Play Curious is a video game studio specializing in the production of engaging games on fascinating topics. Through our games, we want to transmit and help understand the complex world around us. We like to take on important subjects such as new technologies, science, history, urban planning, climate change, to name a few.

We develop all sorts of games for all sorts of people! Including marketing games, e-learning games, serious games, role playing games, visual novels, etc. 

Why communicate through video games?

Because video games are an attractive, accessible, and interactive medium.

Because video games are the best way to reach and bring together a wide audience, from 7 to 77 years old.

And above all, because life is too short not to learn while having fun!

We develop video games for everyone!

Whether for companies, NGOs, schools or directly for our players, we put all our energy and expertise into making the best video games experiences.

You can test out our latest project "Mixstory", a weekly trivia game about putting things in the right order!

From the proof of concept, the game design, to the visual identity and programming of the game, our team worked to deliver a fun weekly game!

Want to see what we can do and find out how we do it?

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Our Games

Here are some of games we worked on. 

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CRISPR Crunch:

Tired of viruses? This is your chance to get even!

Genre: Casual Action Puzzle Game

Defend against viruses in this fast color-matching puzzle game...

Neighbourhood Legends :

Combating radicalization online

Genre: Visual novel

A modern tale of a group of teenagers whose daily lives are turned upside down by social media...

Blockchain Battle:

Discover the secrets of blockchain

Genre:  Simulation

Learn how the blockchain and cryptocurrencies work under the hood...


Learn how to learn

Genre: Visual novel & simulation

"Learn how to learn" to succeed as a student of the future...

Some of our clients:

Grab attention by communicating through video games!

We can take your through the whole process, from conceptualization, to prototyping, to the deployment of your game.