Learning through video games

At Play Curious, we believe that having fun is the very best way to learn!

We also believe that video games are great tools to make learning more interactive and engaging.

Working closely with teachers and experts in their respective fields, we enjoy sharing their knowledge and figuring out the best way to express it through games and interactive experiences.

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A high-level team to create your game!



Jesse has over 15 years of experience in programming and game design. He founded the CRI Game Lab with which he launched and coordinated several European research projects around games for learning and social change.

At Play Curious, he oversees development, game design and partnerships.


Artistic Director

Tibo has over 20 years of experience in communication and video games. Tibo founded his own brand of pixel-art stickers. He has participated in the design of many video and board games. He has also worked as a freelancer for digital agencies.

At Play Curious, he is in charge of the artistic direction of our projects.


Project Lead / CM

Graduated with a Master's in game production at ISART Digital. Raphaël is passionate about video games - he has played ALL the MMORPGs... or almost. He also loves foreign languages and Asian cuisine, having lived part of his childhood in Singapore.

At Play Curious, he is in charge of social networking, playtesting and project management.



Camille has a Master's degree in web development. He's been working for us for three years, developing, integrating and deploying the studio's games. 

He was born to program, and he's super good at it!  Logic, science, music, it's everything he loves. Now it's his turn to play us his magnum opus through his code!


1Why use video games in communication or marketing campaigns?
- To capture the attention of users.
- To create unique, immersive experiences that help communicate ideas and concepts interactively.
- To educate employees or customers about the values ​​of a brand.
- To strengthen the presence of a brand by creating a positive experience for its users.
- To increase user participation and engagement on the web and in real life.
- To improve internal collaboration and communication.
2Why are video games the best way to learn?
- Video games offer interactive and fun solutions that significantly improve learner motivation.
- Through the use of powerful reward mechanisms, video games help to reinforce learning behaviors, and retain information longer.
- Develop problem solving skills, by immersing players in situations that encourage them to use their knowledge to solve these challenges.
- Bolster transversal skills such as critical thinking, creativity, adaptability and resilience.
3Why do non-profits use video games to defend their causes?
- To develop and establish their reputation, to build loyalty amongst their community and to spread their message.
- To express their values, defend their commitments and shape the perception of their organization.
- To motivate the public, encourage their volunteers and to stimulate calls for donations.
- Improve engagement, by encouraging players to share their gaming experience and allowing other users to engage in concrete actions to support charitable causes.
4Why are video games the a key element to a successful HR strategy?
- Video games can be used to create an engaging and immersive learning experience in the evaluation or development of skills. Games such as Role Playing Games (RPGs), simulators or even digitalized quizzes can validate skills and reinforce learning!
- During the recruitment phase, video games can be used to gamify the experience, to make it rewarding and to test the candidates in a fun and interactive way which is tailored to your needs. 
- For remote learning serious games are ideal tools as they are accessible anytime and from any device.
- In a competitive and individualistic society, video games help instill a team spirit in all employees. They are also an extraordinary common ground to unite players from different backgrounds

Grab attention by communicating through video games!

We can take your through the whole process, from conceptualization to prototyping to the deployment of your game.